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Life is worth living when you bring happiness into people’s lives. And when you can also teach the means of finding happiness, that is where life truly begins.

Suit and tie or jeans and t-shirt…doesn’t make a difference to Shawn. God has given him the ability to connect with anybody. Funny is funny and truth is truth. The paradigm that he views life through is like no other on this planet.

Comedy, Truth, Podcast

Stand up comedy. Whether it is at church, for a fundraiser, or a comedy club, Shawn brings the funny.

Videos can be found at the youtube link at the bottom of the page.

Conversate: with Shawn Mathenia is the podcast that brings life stories to the masses. Everyone has a story to tell. Shawn gives people a stage to tell their stories. It can be found on ITunes, Googleplay, Spotify and many other platforms.

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