Shawn Mathenia

Father, Preacher’s kid, Husband, Businessman: All titles to describe Shawn Mathenia. When combined, they give him a paradigm like no other. And that’s where the funny comes from.

Getting to know Shawn Mathenia

Shawn was born on the wrong side of the tracks in Peoria Illinois. He was put up for adoption at 3 years old, and was in the “system” for 2 years. At the ripe old age of 5 years old he was adopted by a young pastor and his wife. They gave Shawn a nurturing home that helped him overcome his struggles with fear and inadequacies. To this day, every now and then you might be able to catch him stutter when he gets excited or ahead of himself. But, he has come a long way from the world that he was born into.

Getting in front of people was not something he ever planned to do. But in a college speech class, he learned that, even with an occasional stutter, he was a natural on the stage. But he still had no idea that being a professional speaker was something that one could strive for.

It wasn’t until the second season of LAST COMIC STANDING that he realized that making people laugh was a possible career goal. But that was just the beginning. It took him years of running to find his true calling. God finally showed him that his stage wasn’t just comedy clubs. But God wanted him to take the gift of laughter to His people. And he hasn’t lost sight of that path ever since.

His voice has changed multiple times through the years. But with the addition of a wife and children, his voice and reach has broadened. Knowing who you are and whose you are has given him strength to give people happiness and laughter.


Shawn started a podcast like no other. It is a place where he hangs out with friends and people that inspire him. They don’t just have conversations, they dig in and CONVERSATE. Sometimes they just laugh and have fun. And then, sometimes it gets deep. He is a firm believer that everybody has a story to tell. And it is with those stories that you can change people’s lives. Giving hope is the main thrust behind everything that Shawn Mathenia does.

Go to the apple link at the bottom of the page or search on googleplay for CONVERSATE: with Shawn Mathenia.


Shawn is available to speak and bring laughter. He is just an email or phone call away.

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Shawn Mathenia


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