CONVERSATE: with Shawn Mathenia is the culmination of years of loving podcasts. Shawn started his original podcast, ROAR ECHO, eight years ago. He was ahead of the game. Nobody in the “christian” comedy scene was doing podcasts. Shawn loved listening to podcasts but there weren’t any that he could listen to with his family. RE was about hanging out with friends and just laughing and having fun. But life got in the way and some things had to change, so he gave up the podcast indefinitely.

Then a year ago he got the itch. He had an idea for something new. He had an idea that gave him a desire to get behind the mic again. He told God that if He wanted him to do it again, He would have to give the idea to his wife. Two weeks later his wife said: Hey, why don’t you start doing the podcast again? That was step one. The next step was how to fund the podcast. They had a family rule: Comedy pays for comedy. A couple of days later he had a paid comedy gigs lined up out of the blue to pay for the podcast. Now the pieces were in place, but what to name the podcast…

Nothing seemed to fit. He went through a month of trying to figure out names. Then he remembered how he used to say that he was coversating with people on the podcast. It would drive the word nazis crazy. It wasn’t a real word, but it came to mean “friends having fun while talking about life.” And that is what he wanted to do: have fun while talking about life. But he didn’t want to keep it superficial. He wanted to get deep when it warranted. He believed that everybody has a story. Those stories with the laughs and the heart is what makes CONVERSATE different than any other podcast out there today

You can listen to it on podomatic or you can use the links at the bottom of the page to listen to it on apple podcast, googleplay or on spotify. Leave a review and rate the podcast after you listen to it.


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